What are the Following Scenarios Costing Your Company?

  • Loosing just one piece of intellectual property?

  • Getting locked-in to one unnecessary single source situation where you have little or no negotiating leverage?

  • Having your leverage unintentionally destroyed through the supplier's back door selling – in just one major negotiation

Trained Lips Know What to Say... and Not to Say.

How about your company’s lips? How about yours?

Watch testimonial of Janice Davis, former CPO of Bombardier Aerospace

This seminar now available in online and virtual formats.

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Benedict Negotiating Seminars

Things Can Be Turned Around.

Our training will significantly increase your company's profits by helping to:

1. Dramatically increase your company's negotiating leverage in current negotiations
2. Profoundly reduce the number of unnecessary single and sole source situations
3. Protect your company's valuable intellectual properties and proprietary information


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